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Largest eBike selection

How The eBike Mountain Bike Review Was Performed

Cannondale Moterra NEO Carbon 1 genysis

The best electric mountain bike choice resulted from an intensive process:

  1. I began by consulting a number of e-MTB enthusiasts for their take on which bikes they would buy. 
  2. Next, I began in-depth conversations with specialist e-MTB retailers to obtain their perspective on the gadgets, strong points, and weak points of each bike.  This helped to fill in the details of what “bells and whistles” become available as you climb the price ladder.
  3. Researching electric bike mountain bike user polls established what the broader market thought was the best e-MTB brand.
  4. We examined alternative brand name manufacturers including “Trek” and Cannondale to establish what you get for your money and where the best value lies.
  5. Finally, research established that Specialized are renowned as technology leaders in the industry and have won numerous international awards for their e-MTBs.

Battery capacity

Replacement Batteries

eBike Kits

Weight distribution

e-MTB fitted with RockShox Flight Attendant

Smartphone electric bike controller – Ride management


Specialized e-mountain bikes

1) Turbo Levo Comp Alloy US$ 10,900

2) Turbo expert US$ 15,000

3) S-Works Turbo Levo SL US$22,500

Beach Cruiser

Turbo Levo Competition

Specialized Turbo Levo Expert
  • Damping front and rear. The Turbo Competition model has adequate damping, however, it relies on air rather than fluid damping of more expensive models.  
  • Front and fork travel has 150mm travel from Fox 36mm front stanchions. Rear Fox Float suspension provides 150mm of travel.  These shocks are good but are not as stiff as higher spec models which are more planted on fast, bumpy, downhill tracks. The forks are great for uphill sections, slower trails and light riders.
  • Additional fork length causes more flex. For aggressive or heavy riders, thicker forks are required to allow the shocks to travel further.
  • 500Wh capacity battery is less capable than the 700Wh batteries of higher price models.

Turbo Levo Expert

Specialized Turbo Levo Expert

S-Works Turbo Levo SL

e-MTB with RockShox Flight Attendant shock



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