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Specialized Turbo Levo SL

The Nimble, Lightweight high performance e-MTB

A shake down of the Specialized lightweight flagship electric mountain bike. An analysis of the components and performance of the Super Light Turbo Levo.

Audi eBike

Powerful, Fun, and Lightweight.

Ever thought that eBikes are underpowered, clunky and boring? The Audi eBike will change your mind.

VR|46 Terra from Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi applies his MotoGP knowledge to eBikes

When Valentino Rossi manufactures an eBike, you know it is going to be a high spec, state of the art, elite performer.

QuietKat Lynx

A Fat Tire, Moto Inspired, Commuter e-Bike

A walk round discussion of features on the QuietKat Lynx. I speak to an expert on QuietKat e-Bikes at the Las Vegas AIM Expo.

“Where the pavement ends, the adventure begins”

RockShox Flight Attendant

Artificial Intelligence On e-Bike Suspension

An all action overview of the most advanced innovation in e-MTB suspension for decades.

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eBike Regenerative Braking

eBike Regenerative Braking Regenerative Brakes on eBikes Spinning a coil of wire inside a magnet produces electricity. Power stations scale this simple model in their electric turbines, increasing the number of coils, the number of magnets, and the physical size of the system. Electric motors are simply an electric turbine in reverse. When we push…

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Mid Drive eBike Kits

Mid Drive eBike Kits Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kits There are a lot of advantages to installing a mid-drive electric bike conversion kit on your bicycle. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of marketing nonsense that is put out to glamorize the potential of ebike mid-drive motors. We look into why mid-drive electric bike conversion…

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Best eBike for Deer Hunting

Best Electric Bike For Hunting Deer The Best eBikes for Deer Hunting Quiet running e-bikes provide a special advantage for hunters. Electric hunting bikes are unique all terrain electric bikes that are specially adapted for hunting.  The best electric bikes for hunting deer have tractable fat tires, long travel suspension front and rear, and a…

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eBike Conversion Kit

NEXT GEN EBIKE CONVERSION KITS Next Generation Electric Bike Conversion Kits The thought of fitting an eBike conversion kit to your own bicycle is exceptionally appealing for many. Most of us own a bicycle, so adding electric power to your ride can make life a lot easier for commuting while also making financial sense. A…


JEEP eBike

Jeep Fat Tire eBike. For Rugged Off-Road Adventures Jeep Electric Bike – The Real Deal! In 2020, Jeep entered the world of xtreme fat tire electric bikes with their first off-road electric bike. Jeep, the worlds most recognized name in off-road vehicles, partnered with QuietKat, the leaders in off-road eBikes, to give American electric bike…

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Velomobiles – Electric Assisted All Weather Bikes WHAT ARE VELOMOBILES Velomobiles are fully enclosed, weatherproof bicycles, tricycles or bicycle-like four wheel vehicles.  Most velomobiles are built onto the chassis of recumbent electric trikes. Recumbent trikes and e-trikes are usually regarded as ebikes (assuming power compliance). Pedelec compliant four wheel velomobiles are also gaining compliance as…