Best Electric Bike For Hunting Deer

Fat tire hunting bike stalking deer

The Best eBikes for Deer Hunting

Largest eBike selection

Fat Tire E-Bikes

Jeep Fat Tire eBike in Snow

Power vs Distance



The defining feature of an electric hunting bike is stealth. Hunting e-bikes can provide quiet access to open paths and dirt roads without disturbing nearby moose, bear, elk, or deer.

Bike size

eBike Kits

Xtreme Fat Tire Hunting eBikes

  • A motor powerful enough to tow hunting gear and rider
  • Good travel range
  • Quiet motor,
  • Fat tires that don’t bog easily in mud or snow, 
  • Low noise components that won’t alarm wildlife,  
  • camouflage paintwork to help conceal your approach
  • storage capacity for your rifle or bow.
Beach Cruiser

1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike


  1. The first option is to fit a battery booster pack. Battery boosters are small add-on packs that increase battery power.
  1. The second option is to carry a replacement battery.
  1. The third option is to carry a charger. It is unlikely that hunters have access to mains electricity, so solar power chargers are the most useful option for off-grid electricity. 
eBike solar charging station
eBike solar charging station

Electric Bikes For Hunting Have Different Motors

Front Wheel Motors

Rear-wheel motors

All Wheel Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors

Jeep Electric Bike

Jeep eBike Specs





Full Suspension



Mini Bikes

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