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Understanding The RockShox Fork Hierarchy

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RockShox Basics

Fork spacing

First, it is useful to know that most adult mountain bike forks have a 100mm spacing. More downhill focused mountain bikes tend to use 110 mm spacing. Wider spacing provides more room to accommodate a wider tire.

RockShox SID forks on a TREK e-MTB

Fork stanchions

Suspension travel

Inverted Forks

Suspension damping

RochShox TrailHead tool

eBike Kits

Mountain bike terrain

RockShox ZEB forks on a TREK e-MTB

Cross Country (XC) bikes

Trail Mountain bikes

Enduro Mountain bikes

Downhill bikes

Cross Country (XC) Forks

RockShox XC 30

RockShox Recon

Beach Cruiser

RockShox Bluto

RockShox Reba

RockShox SID SL

Specialized S-Works with RockShox Boxxer downhill forks

RockShox SID

Trail bike forks

RockShox 35.

RockShox Revelation

RockShox Bluto Forks

RockShox Pike

Enduro Forks

RockShox YARI

RockShox Lyrik

RockShox ZEB

Downhill (DH) Forks

Cutaway section showing RockShox Flight Attendant

RockShox BoXXer


Cross Country

RockShox SID 




Mini Bikes

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