RockShox ZEB – The Enduro Race Blitzkrieg

Buddhist levitating RockShox ZEB Forks

RockShox ZEB Forks. The popular newcomer to Enduro racing

  • The ZEB Ultimate takes the outstanding Charger 3 damper, which features adjustable low and high-speed compression and low-speed rebound.  
  • The Select+ is fitted with the Charger 2.1 (no low speed damping circuit).  The ZEB Select+ is not available for sale directly and can only be purchased as part of a complete bike package.
  • The Select has the Charger RC damper. 
  • Domain forks are fitted with the older Motion Control damper, which is limited to rebound adjustment.
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ZEB Ultimate Flight Attendant

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RockShox ZEB Ultimate Forks

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RockShox ZEB Select Forks

ZEB Select

RockShox Domain RC Forks

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