VR/46 Terra e-Bike from Valentino Rossi

VR/46 Terra from Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi’s VR|46 Terra e-MTB

When the World’s most famous motorcycle racer puts his name to a bike, the world pays attention. The legendary 9 time World Champion, Valentino Rossi, has done just that, and is now promoting his VR|46 branded, full suspension, electric mountain bikes.

Valentino Rossi e-MTB: Motorcycle and mountain bike enthusiasts come together to celebrate the exhilaration provided by Valentino Rossis VR46 Terra electric mountain bike.

While Rossi is widely recognized as one of the greatest riders in history few are aware of his passion for e-MTBs. The maestro combines his passions to create the VR46 Terra. High spec mountain bikes bearing his name.

So what happens when a champion like Valentino Rossi enters the worlds of e-MTBs? The outcome is an explosion of adrenaline and unparalleled enjoyment. Valentino Rossi’s energy, passion and championship pedigree assures the rider of an unsurpassed e-MTB quality.

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This bike has been meticulously designed to deliver top level performance across all terrains. Conquer awe inspiring descents and challenging trails like a true champion—without breaking sweat in the scorching Italian summers. With the VR46 Terra you can embark on amazing off road adventures with confidence. The bike is equipped with race standard suspension, powerful brakes, and tires suitable for any type of terrain.

The 675wH battery enables you to set off on lengthy rides without no concerns of running out of power. The outcome is a driving adventure that empowers you to push yourself to the fullest and surpass your boundaries.

The VR46 Terra e MTB is designed to conquer the demanding trails. It enables you to conquer the ascents and experience exhilarating speeds while descending. All of this comes with a focus, on providing comfort and ensuring safety.

Valentino Rossi may have retired from MotoGP, but his strive for excellence, and attention to detail, have given life to a project inspired by his dedicated approach to performance. The VR|46 e-bike lineup honors Vali’s famous racing number ‘46’ with two full suspension mountain e-bikes bearing his racing number.

There are two versions of the VR46 Terra e-MTB: The high spec’d Terra Pro, and an ultra-high spec Limited Edition.

Valentino Rossi – Terra VR|46 Limited Edition

Valentino Rossi signature on the crossbar or the VR/46 Terra

A total of only 46, ultra-high spec, Limited Edition bikes will be manufactured. Each has Rossi’s signature on top of the crossbar next to the Terra model name. In addition, every Limited Edition is numbered and supplied with an exclusive certificate signed by Valentino Rossi.

I expect that it will be impossible for us ‘mere mortals’ to get our hands on a Limited Edition VR|46 e-bike. Rossi’s signature on the certificate alone would be worth a pretty penny. These e-bikes will certainly be viewed as exclusive, collectors only assets, which will accumulate value over the years. It is unlikely that Limited Edition bikes will ever see a trail ridden in fury, even though they are designed for the task.

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VR|46 Terra Pro

The Terra Pro, however, is a full scale production bike, with aluminium frame and SRAM GX drivetrain. 

Medium and large frame options are available to fit most adult riders and the full suspension delivers 160 mm travel at the front and rear. The aluminium frame rolls on MX-style wheels with the modern trend of larger 29″ wheel at the front and 27.5″ wheel at the rear.

Frame geometry can be adjusted simply by re-orienting the flip-chip located below the shock mount. The flip chip alters performance characteristics in order to allow the e-bike to compete in two markets. Designed as an Endurance e-bike, the flip chip extends the bike’s flexibility. The Terra VR46 Pro can also take care of business on mountain biking trails. 

The VR 46 Pro is fitted with RockShox 160 mm travel front and rear. The Super Deluxe Ultimate coil shock damps the back with Lyrik Ultimate 36mm stanchion fork giving ample cushioning and stiffness to absorb big front end hits.

As Ross’s elite championship status would depict, the e-bike’s target market is exclusive performance Enduro race enthusiasts who demand the best.

The gloss black paintwork on mid section and forks contrasts with Valentino’s vibrant signature neon yellow on the frame and singing arm. The colors, together with VR|46 livery, bestow distinctive Rossi styling. Valentino’s VR|46 branding is clearly visible in black against the broad, neon yellow downtube and battery casing which incorporates a huge 750 wH Power Tube.

The Terra Pro features Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate and Super Deluxe coil suspension, Fulcrum e-Metal wheels and  Guide RE brakes. 

The Terra Limited replaces high spec components with ultimate quality products. The Terra Limited receives a carbon frame, Ohlins suspension, carbon FSA cranks. The ‘Limited’ features wireless components throughout, with SRAM’s GX AXS drivetrain, and the chainring is fitted to an O-chain, e-active, mechanism. 

The O-chain E-Active Spider is a revolutionary system designed to reduce pedal kickback when descending rough terrain. The unit has been specifically designed to fit the industry leading Bosch GEN IV motor that powers the Terra. The O-chain system isolates the rider from harsh kickback on big impacts, especially over large drops on slow descents.

Valentino Rossi's VR/46 Terra Pro

Bosch Performance Line Motor

Given Rossi’s championship connections with Yamaha, it is perhaps surprising that VR|46 did not opt for a Yamaha power plant. Instead, both VR|46 Terra’s use the Bosch Performance Line CX motor.

The fantastic Bosch Performance Line CX motor provides an industry leading 85Nm of torque from its 250Watt engine.

Flow App. The KIOX LED display is clean, and clearly displays the remaining battery power, motor power, and cadence.

The Performance Line CX motor precisely feeds in power to enhance riding pleasure in all situations. There is no need to alter riding modes. I rode the engine hard on some steep trails and had no overheating issues.

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It is likely that we can expect future expansion of these e-MTB options. As we know, Rossi is a great fan of off-road bikes, and the CEO of VR|46 enterprise, Carlo Alberto Tebaldi, stated:
“At VR|46 Racing Apparel, we have been travelling the path of evolution for some time now, which will lead to the birth of projects with the aim of developing performance-oriented products”, “For a long time we had been looking to expand our offer and enter the world of cycling, especially off-road”

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