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The latest Canyon Spectral:ON is the same weight as previous year’s models and retains the major specs. The 2022 Spectral:ON has 150mm forks, carbon frame, and mixed wheel sizes with 29” front and 27.5” rear. The new model is. However, light years ahead of its predecessor.


From mid size frame up, the battery pack receives a massive upgrade of more than 42%. Battery power steps up from 630 Wh to 900 Wh. Small to medium frame bikes accommodate a 720 Wh battery. 

If you prefer to lighten the bike by almost 1 Kg (900 grams to be precise) the larger frame “ON” e bikes are available with a smaller 720 Wh battery. The smaller battery will also lower the price by around $300. The 720 Wh option weighs in under 22 Kg for the mid size frame option. Astoundingly lightweight for a mid-sized eMTB.


A modified frame design was required to accommodate the larger battery options. A bonus from the wider, and flatter, re-engineered frame, was improved aesthetics. The wider profile and sharper contours of the frame really add artistic flair to the bike.

Special artwork is added to the carbon frame for a top professional finish. The origins of the carbon frame inspired the ebike color name: “Deep Space”.

The latest advanced carbon polymers reduce mass with no loss in strength. The carbon layup used on the frame is cutting edge with the carbon fabrication techniques being developed and used for space travel. Canyon had to seek permission from the Japanese military to use the material.

The future of the Canyon Spectral ON in a crystal ball


The revised frame now features a carbon rear section which has been added to keep the bike as light as possible.

The new carbon chainstay has also been extended to give the Spectral: ON a more stable ride.

The extended chainstay is another indication that the design of the Canyon:ON is giving increased focus to downhill performance in preference to rock-hopping.

No expense has been spared with the Spectral:ON, and the Canyon flagship e-MTB is adorned with the ultimate tech in almost every department. It is surprising then, that this flagship e-MTB has not been provided with Canyon’s “Shapeshifter” fitted on the Canyon Strive with great success.

The Canyon Shapeshifter divide is a swing arm pivot bracket similar to the GIANT “Flip Chip” on their Maestro electric enduro MTB. The Shapeshifter raises (or lowers) the chainstay to provide more efficient uphill drive (or, alternatively, to increase downhill stability). 

Unlike the Flip Chip which has to be manually set, the Shapeshifter is operated electrically at the touch of a button. Electric control gives the rider the ability to change  geometry on the fly. The Shapeshifter has earned acclaim on the MTB race circuit for many years.

Instead of their in-house Shapeshifter, Canyon opted for the RockShox Flight Attendant system. Flight Attendant is a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence suspension system. The choice underscores the brilliance of the RockShox system.

Canyon replaced the previous swing arm bearings with larger, more durable alternatives to resolve durability issues encountered on earlier models.

The remodelled rear section could have been shaped a little better. In higher gears, the chain rubs against the chainstay. Canyon has  addressed this minor issue by fitting a protector. It is surprising though, that this German engineered masterpiece did not catch this in the design phase.


The seat post is 2 degrees steeper than previous models with the head angle 1 degree slacker. Revised geometry places the rider in a more upright position with a larger portion of rider weight over the saddle. Weight over the saddle affords a more comfortable riding position for longer endurance challenges consistent with the extended ride time that larger batteries will allow.


Huge battery packs are not the only upgrade on the new Canyon with suspension receiving the latest tech. Top end Lyrik Ultimate forks are fitted with RockShox advanced Flight Attendant system. Flight Attendant automatically varies suspension settings using AI to predict changes in track surface and severity.

The high tech RockShox Super Deluxe Ultra Flight Attendant underscoring the angles of the flat slim crossbar of the revamped frame with the 155 mm rear shock runs parallel to the crossbar.

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