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How To Make An eBike Faster

It is often far easier to boost the speed of an electric bicycle motor than it is to improve the power of gas powered engine.

I step through tuning options one by one starting with the simplest and cheapest ways to increase the power of your electric bike.

How can I increase the power of my electric bike?

1. Remove power smoothing

Largest eBike selection
Controller power wire

Uncouple the power smoothing connector

More power means more heat

2. Increasing power to an electric motor is as simple as turning a screw

POT screw on eBike controller

External ‘power POT’

POT screw on circuit board

Internal ‘power POT’

Simply turn up the power

3. Can I use 48v battery with 36v motor

eBike Kits

A higher voltage battery increases power

eBike power calculator

Electric bike power calculator

Serial battery connections

Electric bike battery replacement

How to connect a booster battery

Li-ION battery replacement

Verify that the controller can cope

Check the Controller Rating

Increasing eBike Power

Multi-voltage eBike controller

Multi voltage controllers

Can bicycle motors accept more power?

Long trips

Beach Cruiser

Higher rated controller for bicycle motor kits

Higher rated eBike controllers

Mini Bikes

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