RockShox SID Forks – Superlight Integrated Design

RockShox SID Forks

2024 RockShox SID Lineup, Improvements, and Features

Charger Race Day 2 Damper

SID Chassis Modifications

DebonAir+ Air Spring

SID Lineup Overview

  • Excellent Comfort
  • Tuning simplicity
  • Class leading weight reduction
  • Impressive ride stability
  • Fantastic small bump compliance
Largest eBike selection


SID (Superlight Integrated Design)

  • Travel Options: 110mm and 120mm.
  • Air Spring: Larger, more tunable DebonAir+ air spring.
  • Upper Tubes: 35mm.

SID SL (Super Light)

  • Travel Options: Up to 100mm and 110mm.
  • Air Spring: Different design, not featuring DebonAir+.
  • Upper Tubes: 32mm, making it the lightest and most efficient fork.

Charger Race Day 2 Damper

  • Introduced a new efficient Pedal position alongside the standard Open and Lock.
  • Three damping options: Open, Pedal, and Lock, each with distinct oil flow paths.
  • Improved seals within the damper system to handle higher pressures.

Chassis Updates

  • SID’s chassis underwent updates, making the Ultimate model 70 grams lighter.
  • Crowns machined to remove unnecessary material.
  • Longer upper tubes to engage upper and lower bushings fully, reducing friction.
  • Increased bushing overlap to reduce side load and further decrease friction.

DebonAir+ Air Spring

  • Implemented in the SID lineup (not in SID SL).
  • Bigger air spring volume by extending the spring-side lower leg.
  • 50% increase in negative air spring chamber for softer initial travel.
  • 16% increase in positive chamber for better support in the middle of the travel.
  • Replaced rubber Top Out Bumper with a coil spring for reduced harshness.

Ride Feel and Performance

  • Achieved smoother and lighter performance simultaneously.
  • Redesigned 3P and 2P dampers for improved ride feel.
  • Significant tweaks and iterations for enhanced performance and durability.

Model Range

  • 2024 SID and SID SL forks are available in four different models: Ultimate, Select+, Select, and base-model.
  • Offered with either three-position (3P) or two-position (2P) damping.
RockShox SID Ultimate forks

SID SL Ultimate

  • Gloss blue or gloss black
  • 32 mm stanchions
  • 100 mm travel
  • Race Day Damper
  • 1326g
  • US$ 1,549 – US$ 1,667
RockShox SID Select forks

SID SL Select 2P

  • Black
  • 32 mm stanchions
  • 100 mm travel
  • Charger RL damper
  • 1468g
  • US$ 1,185
RockShox SID Ultimate forks

SID Ultimate

  • Gloss blue or high gloss black
  • 35 mm buted tube stanchion
  • 120 mm travel
  • Charger Race Day Damper
  • 1537 g
  • US$ 1,720 – US$ 1,848
RockShox SID Select forks

SID Select 2P

  • Black
  • 35 mm stanchions
  • 120 mm travel
  • Charger RL damper
  • 1646 g
  • US$1,355

RoxShox SID SL

Inverted Forks

eBike Kits

RoxShox SID

Specialized S-Works electric mountain bikes use RockShox SID forks

SID Select

Downhill Bikes

New Charger Race Day Damper

Specialized Position Sensitive Brain

RockShox Suspension Brain
Beach Cruiser

DebonAir Airspring Upgrade

  • Progressive resistance: The increasing resistance as the spring compresses provides more predictability.
  • Fewer Bottom outs: Resistance increases as the coil compresses making the forks (or shock) less likely to bottom on a hard drop.
  • Improved rebound: Assists with bunny hopping obstacles or clearing doubles.
  • Reduced weight. Air shocks are typically half the weight of coil springs. Forks are also substantially lighter.
  • Easier setup: It is easy to add or remove air to adjust resistance. By comparison, coil springs would require a replacement spring.
  • Simple spring progression adjustment: It is simple to add or remove, bottomless tokens to adjust the progression of the fork. A range of replacement springs would be required on a coil fork to obtain the same adjustment.


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